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We have evening and weekend appointments available at locations in Downingtown and Phoenixville, PA. 

What does it cost?

We believe that hypnosis is a valuable tool in helping you to make improvements in your daily lives.  Our low fees reflect our commitment to making hypnosis affordable to all in our community.

Sessions are transferable, if you want to share the gift of hypnosis with someone you care about. You can purchase a package, or you can purchase one session, and apply the price of the first session to any package you choose later if you feel we are a good fit.

Stop Smoking

Why would I chose the 6 sessions over the 3 sessions?

Quitting smoking is the same as quitting any chemical addiction.  Alcoholics are asked to go to 90 meetings in 90 days.  Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine. 

The first 3 sessions will have you become a non-smoker. 

The second 3 sessions will be about maintenance and continued stress relief.  Some people feel they have lost their best friend; the one thing they could always count on for stress relief.  We help you develop healthy coping mechanisms.  6 sessions will allow you to deal with most if not all of the triggers that caused you to smoke in the past, such as parties, business lunches, visits from in-laws.

So often even when people quit smoking they substitute cigarettes with FOOD, or other detrimental behaviors or unhealthy addictions can follow. 


2 packs / day =  $65 / week = $3380 / year

Our six session program pays for itself in 10 weeks with an  unlimited amount of savings over a lifetime. 

Because you want to quit and become healthier we recommend 6 sessions. 

Stop Fears

Why does it take 3 sessions?

There are 3 parts to eliminating fear.

  1. 1.Eliminate the fear itself or discover its root cause.

  2. 2.Eliminate the fear of ever of having it return.

  3. 3.Eliminate the fear in practical environments.

It sometimes takes a little detective work to determine the origin of the fear. 

I was very afraid of eating crabmeat (I am not now nor was I ever allergic).  It was the reason that I sought out hypnosis and what led me to become a hypnotist.  It took one session where I was no longer afraid of crab meat.  I ordered it at a restaurant and ate it with no problems. 

I still worried that I would freak out at some future date.  The second session really helped me with that.  The third session really cemented for me the idea that it would never occur again and the proof was that I attended a wedding where they served crab cakes, and I didn’t even realize that I had eaten them.  I have not had any problems since. 


Stress Relief

1 Session

Is the stress that you are experiencing time limited?  Do you just have to survive the next 3-6 months with a new boss, finish your classes, or prepare for a major exam?  It may take one and only one session. 

On the other hand if you are undergoing chemotherapy, taking care of a sick relative, recently divorced, remodeling your house, or some other major life change… One session will help you feel better, but it may not be enough to produce lasting change, and give you the tools to have ongoing stress reduction.

Quit a habit

Why would I chose the 6 sessions over the 3 sessions?

The first 3 sessions will be about quitting.  The second 3 sessions will be about maintenance and stress relief.  Why do you have the habit? What need does it fulfill? How long has it been a problem? What healthy substitute can we make?

If you have had this habit for a long time it may take more time to quit.

Start a new healthy habit

It takes 12 weeks to make an idea into a habit.  We will do the first 3 sessions 1 week apart then 2 weeks then 3 weeks and finally 1 month.  This will allow you to have support for the 12 weeks it takes to create a positive habit in your life.  

It is significantly easier to get rid of a bad habit than it is to start a good new one.

Weight Release is a new habit of eating healthy and exercising

There are a million diets, a million fads, a million ways to lose weight.  You have probably already read every diet book on the market. 

Losing weight is harder than any other habit change because while you can quit smoking you can’t quit eating.

Every diet book breaks down into these 3 rules for losing weight.

  1. 1.Eat healthier

  2. 2.Eat smaller portions

  3. 3.Move your body more

Just because you know what it takes doesn’t mean your metabolism and your subconscious are on board.

It takes 12 weeks to make an idea into a habit. It takes 1 year for permanent weight loss  We will do the first 6 sessions 1 week apart then 2 weeks for 3 sessions and finally 1 month for 3 sessions.  This will allow you to have support for the first 6 months it takes to create a positive change in your waist line.

Depending on how long you have struggled and how much you have to lose we may need to do more sessions.